Dublin Business School

Designed at

McCann Dublin

A complete rebrand for Dublin Business School, a future-focused career college based in heart of a vibrant European capital.

Outlook for the future

DBS is a very future-orientated establishment, but its previous branding did not convey this. The rebrand was aimed not just at bringing the visual identity up to date, but at giving a clear expression to the forward-looking nature of the school; to reflect their agile approach to learning, state of the art facilities, global outlook and their international student body.

Conveying complexity

Dublin Business School is a place where school-leavers and working professionals intermingle and develop their skills in dedicated full-time, part-time and evening courses. This overlapping of students at different levels creates a vibrant environment in which students can learn not only from the faculty but in many cases from one another.

The visual identity reflects this overlapping, multi-faceted nature through layering of images and patterns which opens up a vast array of possibilities.

Pride of place

A vital part of the rebrand was to earn the endorsement of both the faculty and staff as well as the student body. Representatives of each group were consulted during the research phase and a common strand was their wish to feel and convey pride in their institution.

As part of this, a range of wearable branded materials was developed; t-shirts, bags, badges as well as a powerful online presence so that staff and students could spread the word with pride.