Offset 2019

Designed at

McCann Dublin

Creative Direction

Bren Byrne

Lisa Haran



Brick Moon Studios

© OFFSET Dublin 2019

Visual identity for the tenth anniversary of Offset, the Dublin-based international festival of creativity.

The big one

To mark the tenth anniversary, Offset moved across the river from its usual venue, the Bord Gais, to the much larger Point Village. This gave us lots of extra wall space, which was a challenge but also an opportunity to create work on an enormous scale. A big canvas for one of the biggest events in the calendar for the design industry in Ireland and beyond.

Building patterns

The patterns that make up the core of the identity for Offset 2019 were inspired by the location of the venue in Dublin's Docklands. This area is a hive of activity, with buildings going up everywhere you look, as a brand new part of the city emerges.

Repetitive patterns were developed and layered on top of one another — horizontal and vertical lines, grids of dots and dashes — linking the creation visible all around the venue to the creativity going on within.

Golden Anniversary

A special marque was developed to celebrate Offset's tenth anniversary. This was applied to (amongst other things) an "Anniversary Wall" which listed every speaker from the last ten years across the four cities that Offset has been held in: Dublin, London, Sheffield and Limerick.

The Main Event

Inside the venue, the timetables for the talks were adapted to the entrances to each of the stages; a layered, complex vinyl to enliven the low-key entrance to the Yellow Stage and a cinema-style running list above the entrance to the Main Stage.

As the attendees enter the Main Stage area, they are presented with a large-scale mixture of colour and pattern to either side of the stage. The Offset logo was placed directly in the centre, where the speakers enter the stage.