Winter Lights

Designed at

McCann Dublin

Creative Direction

Bren Byrne

Naming, branding and campaign materials for Dublin City Council's wintery takeover of Dublin city centre.

Winter is coming

The campaign began with these mysterious advertisements popping up around the city, showing illustrations of various Dublin city landmarks.

Illuminating Dublin's landmarks

The full reveal showed all of the illustrated landmarks in one place alongside a full list of the locations that would be lit up over the festive period.

The illustrations of each of the landmarks was created from the same ropelight material used in the making of the logo.



Behind the Scenes

Building the logo

The logo was built out of ropelights by tracing over a drawing, drilling holes and attaching the lights to a black backing board. The drawing was then removed to reveal the lights spelling out each of the words on a black background.


It was not possible to draw either of the words completely using a single piece of ropelight. Each of the words were photographed and the missing parts were placed in digitally to create the final logo.