Culture Near You

Designed at

McCann Dublin

An initiative by Dublin City Council's Culture Company, Culture Near You aims to connect the people of Dublin with the culture going on around their city.

A city in motion

Six illustrations were created depicting some popular cultural activities. Each of the illustrations was first drawn by hand before being re-drawn digitally. In keeping with the hand-drawn, stop-motion look of the main logo, a single stop-motion element of each illustration was retained.

Culture; curated

A long list of cultural activities – curated by Dublin City Council's Culture Company – was sorted into various groupings as shown above. Visitors to the site could simply choose the type of activity they would like to do – "get active", "delve into heritage" etc – and be presented with a list of activities going on around them.

Simple selections

The cultural goings-on were presented in two forms: as pins on a map to the left, and as information cards to the right. These cards were designed to fit together in any combination so that they would retain their simplicity of appearance as new cards were added to the list.

The cards could only contain a maximum of 70 characters due to the way the website was constructed. Therefore, each type of card was designed to hold this maximum. They were also designed to fit a mobile screen which retained consistency for people using the site on the move.